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SZ&W Methodology

SZ&W Research's industry analysts utilize a variety of research sources in preparing Research Reports. The key component of SZ&W Research's analysis is primary research gained from phone and in-person interviews with industry leaders including executives, engineers, and marketing professionals. Analysts are diligent in ensuring that they speak with representatives from every part of the value chain, including but not limited to technology companies, utilities and other service providers, industry associations, government agencies, and the investment community.

These primary research sources, combined with our comprehensive industry database and the analyst's industry expertise, are synthesized into the qualitative and quantitative analysis presented in SZ&W Research's reports. Great care is taken in making sure that all analysis is well-supported by facts, but where the facts are unknown and assumptions must be made, analysts document their assumptions and are prepared to explain their methodology.

Straight from the Source

Our global B2B events, clubs and communities put us directly in touch with the biggest and most important players in business. Inside knowledge of their opportunities and challenges means we can help our customers to prepare and solve the similar situations.

SZ&W maintains and continuously updates the internal database, which contains the valuable data related to the sectors our customer interested.

Our experienced and dedicated researchers go straight to the source to find and summarize the information our customers need to fuel success.



Industry Research
We carry out more than 100 conversations with executives and study at least 50 related reports in the industry to help us identify the most important needs of the business.


Industry Survey
We also survey hundreds of stakeholders to make sure we capture the needs of the industry.


We carry out at least 50 interviews with industry experts and a range of stakeholders, and survey thousands of targeted contacts.


Advisory Board Brainstorm
A minimum of 5 industry experts review our draft ideas to check that it's accurate. We then work with expert authors to write a report collating our findings.


Finally, robust information, analysis and critical recommendations to make sure our clients stay one step ahead

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