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Business Introduction
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Business Introduction
SZ&W Event Management concentrate on providing one-stop integration marketing service for domestic and overseas governments, organizations and enterprises, including event production, event marketing , conference and exhibition service, etc. Since 2008, SZ&W Event Management obtain the recognition and appreciation of international and local customers with the rich experience of production, attendee invitation and overseas service. SZ&W Event Management will keep leading reformation of event creativity and improving effectiveness of communication experience.

SZ&W business covers over 30 core domestic cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Urumchi, etc. It involves over 50 foreign regions in Europe, Middle East, Africa, North American, etc.

Event Production Event Marketing Conference & Exhibition Service Destination Management
Agenda Production Release conference of new products Event Promotion Incentive?Travel
Visual design Dealers?Convention Revenue Selection Overseas Conference & Exhibition Service
VCR Sign ceremony Call for Sponsor Business Visit
Employee Welfare Events Annual Meeting of Enterprise Delegate Invitation Travel Management
Employer Branding Events Ceremony Registration Management  
Value Day & Family Day Summit Exhibition Design  
Theme Day & Sports Meeting   Exhibition Construction  


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